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Mahalo to everyone!

Hail, hail, hail...to all who planned, produced and participated in the Roosevelt High School Class of '72 30th Reunion weekend. From the pupu party to the family picnic to the golf tournament, every event was filled with handshakes, hugs & kisses and the rekindling of long lost friendships. It was a time of listening to "oldies music," well-told stories and fond, familiar laughter. The heart and spirit of RHS 1972 is alive and well after all these 30 years. 

Thank-you everyone for being a part of it all!

This is a brief glimpse of the group photo. If you forgot to order a copy at the reunion party or are interested in purchasing an extra one for $7, contact us at rhs1972@hotmail.com.


Speaking of
hail, hail, hail....


Yes folks, you saw it first, right here. Our first video of the 30th Reunion party. Captured by Edmund Urabe using his digital video camera, the entire chorus of 180 48-year olds is seen and heard here singing the Roosevelt High School alma mater, a capella and in perfect harmony (we might add). But even more amazing is that we did it from memory without song sheets (someone forgot to bring them)! (Windows Media Player or Quicktime Player required).


Smile, you're on candid camera

Calling all camera bugs. If you have photos or videos of any of the reunion events: the party, the picnic or the golf tournament; and are interested in posting them on this website please contact us. With enough interest, a souvenir CD of digital images may be in the future.


G U C C I  Summer Collection spotted in Hawaii


Watch out Armani, Giorgio and Ralph Lauren. The latest fashion chic is rumored to be coming from Oahu, Hawaii. Designed for that "edgy, confident, Class of '72-ish" lifestyle, the entire collection of RHS '72 Year of the Horse T-shirts debutted at the RHS Class of '72 30th reunion party. This exclusive photo captures The V-Models (Verna and Vernon) practicing their ramp walk garbed in their sleek "Solar Yellow" body tees. There is a limited supply of t-shirts still available.


Motown comes to Kaneohe town


The official Roosevelt High School Class of '72 30th Reunion Souvenir CD is here. Besides producing excellent high school graduates, 1972 was a fabulous year for music. Our souvenir CD contains twenty-four songs from that golden year to add to your collection. Digitally re-mastered for your listening pleasure. Not sold in stores! Original hits by the original artists. And yours absolutely free...for attending the reunion party on August 16th. There is a limited supply of CDs still available. Contact us at rhs1972@hotmail.com if you are interested in a copy.


We want more
in Twenty Oh Four

1855 Hilton & Eiffel night (+).jpg (87055 bytes)

Yes gang, rumors are spreading quickly about a reunion celebration in 2004--the year we all turn the ripe old age of 50. And the destination of choice is the city of lost wages. That's right! The RHS Class of '72's Excellent Adventure in Las Vegas. (Imagine the surprise of meeting Class of '72 classmates from McKinley, Farrington and Kaimuki in Las Vegas during the same week!) Coming soon to this website is more information. You'll be able to sign up if you're interested. Or if you have alternate suggestions for how to celebrate our turning a half century old, please contact us at rhs1972@hotmail.com.


The lost "Zapruder Roosevelt films"

If you can believe it Rough Riders, we have managed to uncover, never before seen, lost archive film of our graduation ceremony. Captured on Super 8 film (way before video was invented), are actual unedited scenes of our glorious "Hawaiian Graduation" pomp and circumstances. Mahalo to classmate Yolanda Sua for providing this "chicken-skin" memorabilia.


Get the word out!

Donít forget to remind your buddies about the reunion mailing list. And make sure to fill it out (registration form), even if youíre not planning to attend any future reunion activities. Itís nice just to hear from you.


Check back often

Make it a habit to visit again and again. We'll be posting all the latest news, photos and the future reunion developments. Email all your buddies and get them to visit this easy-to-remember url: www.rhs72.com


Tough act to follow....

The Roosevelt Class of '72 35th Reunion? This bunch of dedicated, hard-working, fun-loving classmates can do anything they set their minds to accomplish. (But don't encourage them!)